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US$10 per sqm

Colinas Verdes

Dominican Republic

Colinas Verdes
- the future project on the north coast near Río San Juan.

In the first months of the development of the project, the individual plots of land are sold to our customers at a construction price of ten US dollars per square meter. 

About Us

We are building a better future

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We are a German, Dominican team that has set itself the task of creating new housing for many in this area.


Benefits of Colinas Verdes

We are pleased to offer you a stake in one of the North Coast's most innovative projects - COLINAS VERDES. 
The total plot comprises an impressive 333,800 m² and offers a variety of development opportunities. Colinas Verdes itself consists of 500 individual plots, a spacious children's playground with a natural lagoon and a commercial space that will provide everything needed for carefree living.

students and teachers

Many schools to ensure the education of the next generation

schools nearby


- Alert 

- Eden

Escuela Gregorio Luperon

- Escuelia Gloria Bido

- Liceo Antorcha del Futuro

- Escuela Primaria Arroyo Sabana

- Escuela Bobita


The health system in the area is outstanding

hospitals nearby

- Municipal Hospital Dr. Desiderio Acosta

Image by Chaitanya Maheshwari

There are many leisure activities and relaxation oases in the area

- Playa Grande (19.4 km)

- Golf course (19.4 km)

- Dodo Lanune (26 km)

- Laguna Gri Gri (14km)

Image by NEOM


The mission of Colinas Verdes is to provide inexpensive land and to create a home for many people and families together with the community. 


Our vision of Colinas Verdes is a harmonious community where you can find not only great people, but also all kinds of shops, parks, cafes and restaurants. People fill in what they lack.

Costa Brava
Das Projekt

The project

The plots within this project offer an ideal opportunity for investors, builders and developers to realize their visions. Each individual lot is carefully planned and ready for the construction of residential real estate, be it single family homes, multi-family homes or condominiums. Thanks to the generous total area, you have the opportunity to purchase individual plots of land according to your needs and ideas.

Plots at the best price

stage 1

We offer prefabricated lots priced at $10 per square foot

stage 3

We offer prefabricated lots priced at $20 per square foot

stage 5

We offer prefabricated lots priced at $35 per square foot

stage 2

We offer prefabricated lots priced at $15 per square meter

stage 4

We offer prefabricated lots priced at $25 per square foot

stage 6

We offer prefabricated lots priced at $49 per square foot


With us you have the opportunity to purchase a plot of land with a registered title easily and from your PC.

To do this, fill out our ready-made contract by clicking on the black button to the left of the text.


As part of our financing offer, you can benefit from an impressive 90 percent financing. This means that you only have to raise 10% of the purchase price from your own funds.

In addition, we offer you another unbeatable opportunity: there is no interest during the first year after the purchase of the property. This means that during this period you can benefit from an interest-free period to successfully advance your project. This additional leeway allows you to use your budget optimally and to pursue your plans with peace of mind.

We are proud to offer you this exceptional financing opportunity, specifically designed to make your investment as smooth and beneficial as possible.

your property


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